“I want to thank you and everyone involve with providing Kyle and his family support throughout his recovery.”

I hand-delivered the check to Kyle and Renee today at the hospital. Both of them are forever grateful and could not hold back their tears of joy and relief. During my stay there today, both of them as well as Kyle’s parents could not stop thanking all of you for the help. It truly shows the deep compassion and care you and the members of the Pearly Gates committee have for our veteran community. Kyle is doing much better today but has a long way to go. He will get there…he is a hard-headed marine. I personally want to thank all of you for the ease of getting a fellow veteran the support he needs. The process of working with another group seemed very difficult at the time when his family needed peace of mind. Now they can focus on family and recovery while not having to worry about how their bills and food will be paid for. Thank you.”